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700TSV vs ?

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  • 700TSV vs ?

    I've had a 700TSV for some time now, but I've never been able to fit it nicely in My 2002 Elantra... I just took out the factory stereo and made a cruddy bracket so I could velcro it in to place above the bezel. Unfortunately this doesn't look that great, so I'd like to look into some other options. When I purchased the 700TSV, it seemed like "the one to get", but now it seems there is no clear winner. I'm assuming that I'd like to go with a single din flip out design, but of the choices, I'm not sure how they stack up to the 700TSV. From what I understand the 700IDT is similar, but is not motorized (not a huge deal), and sticks out a ways unless you mod it. The lilliput looks decent too, but I've heard that they have reliability issues, and an inferior screen. Maybe now is just one of those times where you wait for something better to come along.

    Any thoughts?