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Whos done Redant with touchscreen?

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  • Whos done Redant with touchscreen?

    Has any one put a touchscreen on the well talked about 7" redant. I read alot about the screen and alot about touchscreens but not both at the same time. If any one has where did you get the touchscreen and how well does it fit/work? I've already got the redant just need to obtain touchscreen to fit.

    Yes i did search the forums.

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    hrmmm, i second this question.... anyone done it?
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      A 7" widescreen touchscreen is going to be impossible to find, and if you do manage to find one, It's going to cost mega $$


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        Thanks for the confidence builder. Although I dont give up easily. Was hopeing someone could save me some footwork.


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          7&quot; touch is small

          Touch screen on a 7"w screen would be tough to do. Finger will be larger than most icons and such. It woul dbe very clumsy.

          I have tried many screens, and now have a 18bit 10.5" Touch Screen.


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            Found one

            See my other post for details


            As for size i think it will work. Ive seen smaller touchscreens it all depends on the interface.