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How do i make an ATI video out start with 1ry monitor?

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  • How do i make an ATI video out start with 1ry monitor?

    If i wanna use an ATI card to bypass the VGA-> RCA problem, how do i get it to make the video out start with the 1ry monitor?
    I've experimented with several ones, and i have to boot and then choose to operate the video out, using the monitor.
    The problem is.. in my carputer there will be no monitor!!
    Please help!

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    What does 1ry mean? First, perhaps? Is it a brand?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      And if there will be no monitor in your carputer, what's it matter?


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        If there's no monitor in the carputer, i can't load the video out on the ATI card, and i can't see anything.

        1ry means (primary).. '' sorry for using that abbreviation.. totally unclear.''
        I need to use the video out as an ALTERNATIVE to the primary monitor, which is the one used for booting connected to the VGA 15 pin plug.

        Bascally, now, i can't 'see' my way through the software used to load the ati video out..

        It's kinda tricky to explain, but if u have any idea what i'm talking about, please help me!


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          Make a dummy connector on the VGA port that has a 75 ohm ground load through R, G, and B to the color ground. This will probably work on ATI to force monitor detection at startup. Works on nForce2 video.


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            Thanx Dylan 98R/T..
            It sounds like it would force monitor detection, but the video out won't start automatically, and i'll still have a blank screen.


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              Probably because video output is controlled by the drivers in XP. You wouldn't see video till you got to XP anyway.

              I don't know about this one, never tried having video out as the only output. I imagine it should be able to be done. Try emailing ATI?


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                I don't know about ATI but if the nForce does not "see" a primary monitor, it defaults to Svideo out. Only when loading drivers though.