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Lilliput in-dash display hazzy/fuzzy

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  • Lilliput in-dash display hazzy/fuzzy

    I just got my indash installed the other day. I booted everything up, it seems like the screen picture is nice, except when the computer boots up (VGA mode) in the bios its almost like theres a haz or fuzzyness around the text that distorts them... it fallows into windows , you can tell as windows is loading "windows xp loading" logo, and then just everything in general inside of windows.

    Im new to this lilliput and I doubt this is the quality of the picture on these things, what could this be? Cable? Hertz setting? If you look really close its almost as if theres a grain to the screen, but i think that may be the touchscreen , it looks like when you spray windex on a tv or something and you get that colourful grain. I dunno im a noob

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    check the connection of the barrel connector that the vga/usb wire plugs into the monitor. Push them together really tight
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      Thanks im going to try that, I got an audio place to install this so i'll prolly have to rip out my dash now :S