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180 deg. viewing angle sunlight viewable lcd's

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  • 180 deg. viewing angle sunlight viewable lcd's

    O.K., so I've been playing around with pc's in my cars for quite a few years now.... in the begining any screen that could work in the car was a good thing, but now adays that's really common & readily available.... the lilli's & the xenarcs & the likes make putting a pc in a car so easy.... but they do have a big drawback.... which is daytime usage....

    there are tons of threads out there that are about high brighting screens & transflective upgrades.... of course when you get to the point that having a pc in your car is easy... then you start to wish it was viewable durring the day...

    I myself have bought & done high bright upgrades, & the last one I did is in my sig.....

    I have done a lot of research when it comes to lcd's, & I have found a solution that may work wonderful for those that want it all.... a screen that is usable during the day......

    the screens I am talking about are the latest technology.... they are made by a company called BOE Hydis.... they are used in high end tablets mainly for there view anywhere technology AND the fact that these screens are a full 180 deg. viewable.... not just side to side, but up & down, which means portrait mode will look as perfect as landscape... & be viewable from anywere in the vehicle. these screens are sunlight viewable, & use a sort of transflective technology... the cost of the whole lcd is including this view anywhere sunlight viewable technology built into the lcd itself....

    the screens that I am getting are 10.4" lcd's.... of course 10.4" isn't for everybody, but by using these in portrait mode(sideways) for an end resolution of 768X1024.... the screen is not really wider than a 7" or 8" standard lcd.... just a bit taller.... actually the 10.4" in portrait mode is about the equivilent of two 7" widescreen lcd surface areas, one over the other, but without the seems or housings that would be involved with dual 7"s...

    if you have the space for a screen like this, this is a great solution.... & the prices aren't that bad.... the 10.4" panel itself will be somewhere around $400.... a controller specifically for this screen all said & done with the cabling will wind up being around another $230 or so..., so for around $650 you'll have the same display that comes in the latest fujitsu & motion tablets...... but the 10.4" version...

    I'm just now putting togeather a deal for these, with a supplier for the screens, a supplier for the controller boards & another company to build the interface harnesses... the cable that connects the screen to the controller board can be really long since these screens use an lvds interface... my first setup will be done with a 4' cable... but can be much longer if necissary

    I also have another option with these screens, which is to run them directly off a laptop motherboard..... I have sourced pentium m laptop motherboards that will run these screens directly off the motherboard, so no controller needed... the best part of this is I have found a supplier of these motherboards for a little over $200... of course the interface cable will still need to be built, but this can be a great option since the motherboards include the pentium m processor onboard for these motherboards... I have a board out right now being developed for this connection & will have the results in about a week or so... I am building them in such a way that the pc will connect to the screen with a standard dvi cable... meaning it's not like taking apart a laptop & being restricted to the length of the original ribbon cable... the pc can be under a seat, or possibally even in the truck, & still run these screens nativley off the motherboard lvds output...

    cases will need to be built for these boards... I'm currently talking to a member here about building me stainless steel cases... I should have these underway in a week or so..... depending on the case design these pc's can be built to be as slim as a laptop...., or even if there built to house a power supply & an addl' 3.5" hardrive, still should be pretty tiny...

    I'm just posting this here to gauge interest in something like this... I have done a lot of contacting & researching & negotiating to put something like this togeather for myself... & I'll do a few for myself... but if this is something others may be interested in then I may do a few for guys here...

    I'll post up some pictures & links to provide more info for those interested later....
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    wow, i would absolutely love one for my next project. my honda is a little too small for it, but my truck wont be.

    this sounds like such an awesome screen, cant wait to get all the details on it.

    i want one!
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      Sounds like you've got some interesting projects going on there!

      Will these screens work off any lvds output? Some Via Epias have 'em too!
      List of front-ends/usefull apps
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        they are 1 ch lvds.... they should work off any lvds board, but the pinnouts & the cables will need to be sorted for each application......

        I guess the poular ones here will be the commel's & the via's, but I have niether of these to play with.....
        MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

        first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D


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          This is amazing and I hope this setup is as great and reliable as I pray it is.

          I've been research backlight upgrades, decently bright lcds, and i was even thinking about just getting a xenarc and dealing with the glare but it seems you've opened the heavens and gave me knew hope.

          I'm going to fit this in my car whatever way I can and I hope this all amounts to something. Granted I would love it to be a little cheaper than 650 but if it is what you say it is I don't care.

          Not that I know you Turbo but I'd be delighted if you fabricated me one, but other than that I'm just so greatful you shared this with us.

          I really can't wait....

          Someone freeze my body and wake me up when Turbo gets the screen and the links posted to order this fabulous screen.

          Mod on Turbocad!


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            You could mount the screen using a gooseneck mout in a Honda too can you? I plan on using a gooseneck mount with a 10.4 inch screen in my Protege & thats a small car as well. Btw if its good I am down.
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              point is im ditching my little honda for my truck. i plan on going 4 wheeling with topo maps. a big bright screen is crucial.

              what about a touch screen? would we still have to add a glare inducing panel to it? or is there some solution for that?
              1998 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 4x4 in Evergreen Pearl Metallic, Lifted, Locked, and Armored. CarPc in custom console with molded touchscreen.
              Photobucket is being updated, if a picture i posted no longer works, please PM me.


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                the best solution I have found so far for a touchscreen is capacative.... almost 100% light transmission & much better than a resistive touchscreen that is normally used.... I have found a source for touch controllers & capacative screen overlays, but not such a great price really... so far I just bought one for myself & it works great.... theres some sort of anti-glare coating on it & it works well...

                the only time glare becomes an issue for me is if the screen is dusty... in bright sun the dust kinda becomes more viewable than the screen, but dust it off & it's clear & viewable..

                one benifit of using capacitive is there are no issues with matching the optics or anything like that, because it's just a sheet of clear glass, unlike a resistive which can alter the screen in a bad way if not matched properly, not to mention a resistive is in the 70 something percent range of light transmissive, meaning approx. 25% reduction in backlight efficency.... capacitive is like 96% transmissive & better, so not much brightness reduction at all with that touchscreen...

                I got the capacative touchscreen I'm using now retail from

                I have another guy sending me a cheaper resistive touchscreen setup that I'm going to check out too... I don't know how good they'll be & what the availability is on those yet..., but when I get it I'll play with it...

                as far as this screen goes, this is pretty definate... I already have one in my hands & the controller will hopefully be here before the weekend.... the one thing that is slightly less than definate is the running these off the pentium m motherboards, although this is almost definate, until it's done, it's not done

                the motherboard deal sounds like the real hot ticket here, & the whole motherboard with a pentium m 1.5 processor is not much more than the controllers for these screens, of course they still need cases, weather pro built or plywood built or built from scratch, & you still need to add ram & a hardrive & a power supply, but I still think this will be the best deal going if I can get it to work...

                In developing this I went & bought a fujitsu t4020 tablet that has the 12.1" version of this view anywhere screen in it,... it works great in the sun... you can actually see the image on the screen even with direct sunlight washed across it...

                now don't get me wrong, these ARE NOT high bright lcd's.... of course there are 1,000 & 1,500 nit & better screens out there... a high bright screen is different from these.... these screens aren't any brighter than a lilliput or a xenarc actually, BUT they are sunlight viewable due to the transflective similar application... it's actually called enhanced see what it looks like just look at any modern high end phone or pda... the screen isn't super bright, but you can still see it in direct sunlight because the transflective increases the brightness to meet the ambient light by using it to illuminate the screen, so no matter how bright it is, your screen is always viewable....., it's not super bright in the sun, it almost looks like the backlight is off, but you can see the screen like it was printed on a piece of paper, I mean a piece of paper doesn't have to look bright for you to see it, this is kinda like that.....

                because these aren't high bright screens they don't consume more power than a normal screen & they don't have the problems of excessive heat that a high bright screen would have..., & are actually very efficient

                these are just raw lcd's, there are no cases for them & it would be up to each indevidual to actually mold it into ther dash or build a housing for them.... I can have stainless steel mounting plates made for these to be grafted into a dash or bezel... I'm sure I could have full housings made for these also... I'm planning on putting 2 of these behind my front seats for rear passengers built into my seatbacks with the motherboards & all....
                MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

                first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D


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                  Just saw this thread. i have a buddy who was thinking about putting a 10" screen into the dash of a new camry. this would be the perfect solution for him since it would be readable.
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                    Hi turbocat,
                    I have seen both other post of yours about these screens and I was just waiting when I will see some progres . I must say you found something here. You have done some crazy things in your car , and I allways like to read your posts cause you do realize your ideas. About screen I'll be very interested when my budget will alow me.

                    Keep up great work,


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                      I may be interested in this, the pentium M mobo setup is particularly nice since I have extra pentium M processors laying around

                      Only thing holding me back is a lack of information, and size restraints. I have a double DIN area to mount the screen, maybe it could be mounted in portrait mode, and the bottom few inches of the screen could be behind the dash, while the frontend would only fill the resolution area that was visible inside the double DIN opening.

                      I'll need more info before I can say yes or no. Between this and the possibility of mp3car offering transreflective upgraded lilli's, sunlight readability may soon be doable


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                        I'll have more details when I get these running.... there are several versions of these screens & I want to see just how good these really are in the sun.... the 12.1 I've been testing with so far is really good..... I don't want to really push anyone in this direction until I can see the actual side by side comparison with an average liliput & the 10.4 I have....

                        the first one I got, I'm moddifying for a high bright upgrade..... theres just nothing like a super bright screen.... it's one thing to be able to see it, it's another to be able to see it really bright..

                        I know these screens are great with great specs, but I want to make sure there worth the investment for others to use them as-is.... you have to realize that anything less than a true high brite screen is a compramise... including transflective & all other optical enhancements... to me a super bright screen still looks the best out of all of them...

                        I want to give side by side comparisons for you to make a decision as to weather it's good enough for you or not...
                        MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

                        first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D


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                          ... & btw, the pentium m boards I have a source for have the processor soldered to the board, so you can't upgrade it...
                          MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

                          first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D


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                            Very interested


                            I really like the idea of the screen, TS and Pentium M motherboard bundle. Looks like a great solution to me.
                            A couple Q's:
                            Is the resolution for the 12.1 and 10.4 the same?
                            What ports do the laptop boards have?
                            Integrated WiFi?

                            Looking forward to your progress on this.


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                              What are you doing for an inverter?