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Can't calibrate my lilliput?!

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  • Can't calibrate my lilliput?!

    I look in the general faq thread for lilliput and downloaded the driver for the touchscreen part of the monitor. I installed it and when I tried calibrating the monitor it just kept making me touch in the same spot over 50 times.. After a while it exits out and says calibration failed so where i touch is completely different to where the mouse pointer goes. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can do to get the touchscreen part working? Thank you.

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    I think almost everyone has this problem.

    When I first install the drivers I did the same thing you did. I kept clicking the x and nothing would happen. I probable click that damn think like a 100 times before I almost gave up.

    What you have to do as touch and hold down the x until the next one appears.
    I know the instructions should be more specific.
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      hahhahaa thanks you just made my night omg hahah


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        That still didn't work for me..maybe mine is defective or some shyat...its really irritating too.