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  • Interference From Screen


    I have just installed my touchscreen (from Ebay) and it is giving off interference which is causing a humming sound in my speakers. I am using a power inverter, but it is a Monster Power (clean power) inverter. If the inverter is on without the screen plugged in, then I don't get the noise. It is only when the screen is powered on.

    I have no idea how to fix this, so if anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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    Turns out my noobiness has come shining through and it ended up being the inverter that was causing the noise. I just wired the monitor directly to the battery and am going to put a fuse in line. It seems to be working this way, is this safe? The AC adapter that came with the monitor says 1.5A, so what fuse should I put in line--2A, 3A, 5A? Thanks.


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      most screens can run just fine off 12v unregulated - should be ok. Use the 3A fuse, IMO.


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        Thanks for the input, I will give a 3A fuse a try. Now, as for my laptop, to charge it using the battery I am planning on connecting power to a universal adapter (see pic). Now, when I connect the + line from the battery to one end of the adapter (which is plugged into the laptop), the charge light on my laptop goes on. So the laptop battery is being charged just with the + connection. When I tried to add the - (ground), the thing sparked. What should I do? Am I doing it wrong, should I just leave the + line w/o the - line (didn't think that was safe)? Thanks!

        (I'm just using the connector, not the actual adapter piece, one prong to + and the other to - [so I thought])


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