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2006 Chevy Malibu DIN

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  • 2006 Chevy Malibu DIN

    I'm wanting to put a double din navigation/cd player into a 2006 chevy malibu. the GM factory navigation system isnt an option for the car, but i'm hoping that itll still work.

    anyone know what size din the '06 malibu has?

    please and thanks.

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    It's a Double-Din. Good luck interfacing an aftermarket radio with that car. That radio controls many functions with the car's computer and you'll probably have to keep it hooked up.

    I think I saw a kit for it somewhere, but it was to put a single DIN in the dash.

    You'll either have to research it or see if someone has more info.


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      thanks for the info.

      im pretty sure that everything will still work fine since its still a gm manufactured thing. the navigation system with the screen comes standard in some of the models.

      ill post another reply in here if i run into another problem.



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        Well, which one are you planning on getting? There's two databuses in newer vehicles, most have the Class II, while the Malibu uses GMLAN. Completely different animal from most of the cars that were released prior to 2004. (As in model line, not the model years, the newer Malibu was the first to use the GMLAN system)

        You can't pull a Nav out of a H2 or something and slap it in the Malibu, for instance.