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4x40 LCD Setup Problems

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  • 4x40 LCD Setup Problems

    I just recently got a 4x40 LCD and am in the process of setting it up with my MP3player. However I downloaded the latest WinLCD plugin for winamp. I used INI file from Arby so that the title was at the top and and Equalizer in the middle and the rest of the info at the bottom. When I run it, I get lots of misc. garbage in the letters. the Equilizer is nothing but P's and its not running very smoothly. Is there something that I need to setup in the BIOS for the Parallel port? perhaps a different plugin? I am using a new 15 foot parallel cable. Could the signal be too weak? Also, the backlight and contrast are REALLY touchy is there a way that I can fine tune it a little better?

    If you need pics, I will get them on here tonight.
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    Other than the words "Aaaarrrrhhhh Search"

    Here's a couple of suggestions, try LCD print to see if works at all, have a go to.Mike Site to get a copy.

    There have been several discusions on parallel port cable lenghts, like this thread and the up shot is, that you should be OK, although I'm sure someone will correct me on that.

    Try using a lower value resistor in series with the back light resistor, that'll give you a crude and fine tune ajustment. Don't ask me what value, you'll have to play around, and figure that out yourself.

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      aaron killed a kitten

      aaron killed a kitten


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        Alright I did the search and didnt find anything about the problems that I am having. Here's a few pics to help you see whats happening. Also, is there any way to make the picture more crisp? I have to turn the back light up which takes away from the clarity.

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          Since it looks like all the characters are in the right places, check your BIOS settings and try different LPT port configurations (ECP etc...)


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            This may be of little help, but the inversed P in visualisation is usual - my densitron did the same until i blew it up (long story...)

            Anyways, I contacted Markus Zehnder of the famous winamp plugin and he said that the reason for this is that some displays have a full solid block at a specific character on the chip, while others (non Seiko) have inversed other characters like ours. He plans to add the option to have a solid block custom character at a later date. As for the garbage - try it on another machine. This will help to eliminate parallel port problems.

            From someone who has been there, done that and got the picture, good luck!
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              my LCD did that for a while and i double checked that everything was wired correct and it was. It turned out that if i deleated all the custom characters, it worked great, and got rid of all the garbage. Try that if your still having problems
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                How do you delete all the custom characters?
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