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  • New Hirose 31 Group Buy

    Hey guys, I know there were a lot of you that missed out on the first cable group buy so I decided we would go at it for another shot. Cables available are as follows:

    12" 1 to 1 discrete wire
    18" 1 to 1 discrete wire

    12" LQ9D161 cable
    18" LQ9D161 cable

    Please send me a private message and/or an email to please include in this email:

    What type of cable you want and length

    MP3car Username
    Real Name
    Email Address
    Shipping Address
    Phone Number

    Any questions please refer to this thread Original Hirose 31 Thread and if they can not be answered there post them on this board. Thanks a lot everyone, and I hope for this to be a success.

    *Please note: These cables will be slightly more expensive than the previous bulk buy and the expected increase is a mear $3-$5 per cable. Sorry about the inconvenience but these cables take quite a bit of work to achieve, and Steve Hague (Pigseye) really deserves something for his time. Thanks*


    Brian Greet