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7+" Widescreen w/ VGA?

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  • 7+" Widescreen w/ VGA?

    Hi all,

    I did some searching here and I couldn't find the info I needed...

    I noticed the Redant screen seems to be getting a lot of attention from you guys. Did someone figure out if you can use VGA (1440x234) on this?

    If not, is there any other widescreen LCD that supports it, preferably between 7-10 inches?


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    Do you have to use VGA, i.e. do you have to be able to read very small text? Otherwise, use a tv out card and one of my Redant screens and you'll be fine. The quality is excellent for the price. Unless you want to spend 400$ to throw together an 8" screen and controller with a negligible increase in quality...
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      Well, it's actually part of a big project I'm working on in my car. I already have an LCD to go in the center console. This one is to put where my dash gauges go. Basically, I want to change the layout of the gauge cluster, so I need a widescreen. I prefer bigger than 7" and at most 10", but I haven't been able to find any in a widescreen configuration. About how many pixels vertically fit in the Redant?


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        you're gonna totally replace the gauges? in that case you would probably want a much bigger screen, 10" or so, but they're expensive. Then just sink 1/3 of the screen into your unseen dash, and tell the computer to display the information on the top 2/3rds. that would work, right?
        I don't think you'd make out a whole cluster on a 7" screen. Maybe 2 of them, but that would involve some interesting video out cards and programming.
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          Here's a picture of my cluster trim.

          I really can't use a 10" 4:3 LCD in there...there's just not enough space vertically to fit it. I wasn't planning to use all 3 gauges on the LCD, but maybe have the speed, mileage, fuel and temp info like shown below:

          Is the Redant the biggest widescreen there is now?


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            The redant isn't the biggest, but it is the least expensive. Clarion makes a 10" widescreen, panasonic makes some really big widescreen lcds. In your dash, you should have room below the gauges to tuck the rest of a 4:3 screen, if you don't mind doing surgery. a 10" 4:3 screen will only be 6" -7" tall, it wouldn't take much hiding.

            OH YEAH, then you could watch DVDs in your gauges real safe on the long road trips... Have the speedometer overlay on the movie...
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              DVD's, lol. I'm not crazy.

              BTW, what kind of resolution is normal to run to the Redant? I was thinking of getting one for my center console to replace my climate control, stereo, etc...


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                lito.... talk to rob... that is his mp3car name.

                he is doing something similar with his mini.

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                  take a look at this

                  I think this is what you need, a 10", widescreen LCD



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                    Hehe, I bid on that...unfortunately I don't know how to run it.