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double indash (2x Lilliput 7" motorized) in Golf IV

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  • double indash (2x Lilliput 7" motorized) in Golf IV

    Hi there!

    This is my first post here, although I've been reading for long time ... I usually participate in a Spanish forum and I just wanted to say hello to everyone (cool forum and super-useful information, guys!) and to present my little experiment here.

    When I first thought about installing a carpc, I didn't like the idea of having a little (7" or 8") monitor and tried to install a normal desktop TFT, but failed miserably; there was no room to place such a thing, it would be _very_ notorious from the outside, and it wouldn't even look good from inside.

    The solution proposed was very simple: multiply

    At first it was intended to be used as a simple multi-monitor carpc; but now I'm into using it to be able to run both Linux and Windoze at the same time, using a spare laptop.

    More info, pics, and some videos in


    ( Again, thanks to everyone for your contribution to the "carpc science" )

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    My project: double indash, Golf IV

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    That's wacky, but cool....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Nice one, but a little low for TS, no?
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        Dat's whack, yo!
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          Ho, I have already thought about that , but you did it before...

          can't wait to see the final instal and see it working.
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            when shifting, how do you not hit the bottom screen with your knuckles?


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              Originally posted by BoraXP
              when shifting, how do you not hit the bottom screen with your knuckles?
              get a pickup truck shifter. And if that isn't long enough, get one of the shifter from a semi.
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                Originally posted by MatrixPC
                get a pickup truck shifter. And if that isn't long enough, get one of the shifter from a semi.
                longer? you want a shorter shifter so that it goes under the lcd. A longer one will just make you hit it sooner but at a higher height
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                  Even with the inverted screen a little bit angled, I have no problems to change gears. I have to be careful when opening and closing it, but that's ok for me
                  My project: double indash, Golf IV


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                    *****/5 stars for innovation. Great Job!
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                      Thank you all for the nice comments.
                      I will post about the doble carpc Windows/Linux A.S.A. my college exams are over.
                      My project: double indash, Golf IV


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                        Hey, I saw this idea before, but you're the first to do it that I've seen! Really cool! Now someone needs to outdo you and have FOUR! HAHAHA...

                        Good luck on your exams.
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                          Not a chance! 4? hahahah

                          That _is_ nasty!
                          My project: double indash, Golf IV


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                            very innovative, but I have to ask why?

                            I drive a MKIV GTi as well, and I can't even imagine having another screen down there, let alone going through the process to close the bottom screen....

                            think you could get a video of the whole process? (opening and closing of both screens)
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                              The original idea was to simultaneously run different programs such as gps nav and the multimedia player, but then I realized it could be even more useful to have two computers.

                              There are some videos available -opening and closing- , just follow the links a few posts up
                              My project: double indash, Golf IV