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Sunlight readable and anti-glare LCD screens coming soon to the Mp3Car Store

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  • Sunlight readable and anti-glare LCD screens coming soon to the Mp3Car Store

    Here's a crude demo before and after of one of the open frame LCDs installed in my car.

    Pricing and availability to be announced soon.

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    that looks really good, is this an upgrade to an existing lcd, or a new lcd altogether?
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      WOW........sign me up for one!
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        Will this fit my Lilliput 629 front bezel? Will I need to use the back side of the housing at all?

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          Wow that's awesome I want one! I hope its not a whole new screen and something that fits over/on top of an old one - and if so, I hope it'll work with the 8" xenarc... Am I asking for too much? :P
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            schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I want one!
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              Thanks for the vid Zip-lock. It really shows the benifits. I too am looking forward to when these screens are available.

              @ Alti and Rowan, I believe that you have to purchase a new screen with the upgrade already fitted. The company that is doing them doesn't want to go into individually modifying each screen due to different manufacturers and sizes of all the LCD panels that are out there.
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                insane screen!..

                add me to the list
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                  Wow! That's amazing. Can't wait!


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                    Got to have me one of those!!!

                    What wil the price be?

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                      That is friggin' amazing....
                      Is the transflective upgrate going to be available on any of the in-dash models, namely the Xenarc 700IDT?
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                      How about the Wiki?

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                        Is that with or without a touchscreen?
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                          Very nice! I just hope we can get a conversion kit for the older LCD's.
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                            Originally posted by geekinsc
                            Is that with or without a touchscreen?


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                              The sun is out today, so I'll try and make another video showing direct sunlight.