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Circular polarized touchscreens

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  • Circular polarized touchscreens

    After seeing all of this talk of transflective displays, I took a look at the LCD I am employing, and its performance is really not that bad, even in bright sunlight. The rear diffuser performs pretty well, and I have not had difficulty reading it, even with direct sunlight on it.

    However, when the bright light is not direct, the touch screen portion of the display can become troublesome, because it shows many reflections of things in front of it (hand, seats, etc). There are several manufacturers that create circularly (or some just linearly) polarized filter touch screens, that prevent reflections of high ambient light from the conductive layers.

    GUNZE USA has such a product, as does Fujitsu components, although I could not find any data sheets on the Fujitsu panels. 3M may also have a polarizing option for their Microtouch line, but no mention of it is made on their data sheets.

    Assuming the upper LCD polarizer is as easy to remove as I remember (it was just floating on the LCD, held by the steel frame), how difficult would it be to find a replacement (7" 16/9) touch panel that has been treated with:

    Film-on-glass type, high transmissivity
    Circular polarizer
    Anti reflection, anti-glare.

    I've seen transmissive type LCDs that employ polarizing touch panels and their performance with high ambient light is excellent.

    That transflective deal that is now in the store seems to have such a touch panel, but it's hard to tell how it is treated just by looking at a photo. It also mentions that it "only matches provided LCD." Does that mean that it just needs the LCD upper polarizer to be removed? Who makes that panel?

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    That is not a viable solution because:

    a) I already have resistive hardware, and it can't be easily converted to a capacitive controller.

    b) The current LCD works very well, the only problem area is in the touch screen itself.

    c) ClearTek II capacitive screens do not have the requisite polarizer to reject high intensity ambient light. The polarizing film is between the hardcoat and the top conductive layer.

    d) A product exists that would produce the desired result, but I have no experience in the supply chain for this type of comonent.


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      How about this product. Not sure if it will work but it is very reasonably priced