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Trouble getting screen to work

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  • Trouble getting screen to work

    I have a computer with a Radeon 9200 video card. The card has a yellow rca video plug. I hooked it up to the tv in my bedroom and it worked, but when I hooked it up to a screen I have in my car it does not work. The screen in the car is a Farenheit T-7006cm. Any idea why it would work with one tv and not another?

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    Could be that the tv you have doesn't allow RCA in. Some screens ship with both VGA and RCA cables in but are limited to only one. Could also be something like you forgot to change it to the right input!
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      the tv doesnt have vga just rca plug, but thats the same with my other tv. I have hooked dvd players to it and it has worked, but not the computer.


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        I hooked the computer up to the tv in my room again and after it loaded up I switched the rca to my other tv and it worked. So its not that it wont display just that it doesnt recognize the farenheit one to display to, unless I use the other tv first.


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          Try lowering the resolution and/or refresh rate on your PC before you connect the video to your car's screen.
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