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DennisK LCD Controller (ACG-1024)

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  • DennisK LCD Controller (ACG-1024)

    My backlight on my screen won't turn on and I was wondering if anybody knows if I got the jumpers right.

    I have

    JB2 1-2
    JB3 1-2
    CNB1 pins 1-2 shorted

    I think the inverter might be bad. If you have any input let me know.

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    Think you need the OSD module to get that to work.
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      The manual says that you should be able to bypass it if you short pin 1-2. Does any own know of this setup working with out the OSD?


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        First off, you should NOT be shorting CNB1 pins 1-2 together! This would be shorting the 12V inverter power output from the controller board to ground and could damage to your controller board. The manual states that CNC1 should be shorted to fix the board in the 'on' position, so hopefully that is what you meant.

        DISCLAIMER: What follows worked and is working for me with no troubles, but I can't be responsible to damage to your equipment. If you don't know what you're doing, I urge you to buy the OSD control board.

        The manual is a little vague about running it without the OSD controls, but I got it working okay without the OSD after a decent amount of testing and curcuit-tracing to make sure I wasn't going to blow anything up. Unfortunately, I couldnt find any schematics for the inverter, but I found one that's pretty similar that had wiring diagrams for different setups, and that worked.

        You can get the backlight working by shorting pins on the CNC1. Just short ground (pin 6) to BVR_A (pin 3) and that will keep the backlight at full on. Alternately, I think you should be able to hook a potentiometer up somehow to get a variable brightness; however, I haven't tried this and don't have the docs in front of me to verify. The brightness controls in the OSD are all I'm using and they definitely facilitat all the brightness variation you would need. As far as the actual OSD functions, the interface is pretty easy to make. All the buttons simply short from ground to the appropriate contacts on the CNC1 connector (ex: short pins 7 and 6 to pop up the on-screen menu). To be safe though, you might want to connect a 1 K-ohm resistor between ground and the button pins rather than just shorting them.

        By the way, in the ACG-1024 PDF, there is an error in the Application Notes section about adjusting the brighness level on the inverter. The second table excerpt and caption should be labelled CNC1, not CNB1. You can check this in the full connector pinouts earlier in the PDF tho; they are correct.

        Hope this info is helpful to anyone needing it. Feel free to email or instant message me if you have any questions. Good Luck!

        James Doebbler
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          btw... I ment CNC1 instead of CNB1, sorry.


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            Just to let people know, I have the OSD and added a switch to the enclosure I made that shorts out pins 1 and 2 so that the TFT comes on with the powering on of the computer.
            If I switch the switch it will just goto standby mode after power is applied and I will have to manual turn it on.
            Also after talking to JD above I decided to wire two buttons for my OSD brightness + and - becasue that's all you need.
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