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  • lcd power question

    I have a Crystalfontz 2x20 parallel LCD I'm going to be using the the car mp3 player I'm assembling. I already know I'll have to get creative with hooking up the parallel cable to the display (shouldn't be too hard on that part of it). My question is with the power for the LCD. Would it be possible to send the +5v through the unused pins on the parallel cable and recombine them on the LCD side so I don't have to run a seperate cable for power? I know it CAN be done with just soldering the appropriate cables, my question is: would doing this completely make the other wires put out garbage information from EMI?

    Unrelated question: Are there pre-assembled 2x8 connectors so that I don't have to solder directly on the pcb for the display?

    The datasheet on the lcd I have:
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    You can feed 5v on an unused pin like that just fine. That's what I used to do with pin 25.

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