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LCD w/ EL Backlight & source for EL Sheets

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  • LCD w/ EL Backlight & source for EL Sheets

    I recently brought an 20x2 LCD w/ el backlight. It came without the inverter attached. The inverter has 4 pins, Vcc (or Vss i dont have the pinout with me at the moment), Ground, AC output, AC Output which are pins 1,2,3,4 respectively. I know what to attach pins 1 and 2 to, but what abt 3 and 4? Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, if you want to buy large sheets of EL for your custom designs, go to
    They have lots of nice stuff.

    oh and before i get flamed a million times for a small LCD, its for my home box, not in the car.

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    Okay, you connect your voltage source to the VCC pin... and ground it to the "ground pin".. I don't know what voltage it needs (probably 5v).

    Then you connect each of the AC output pins to the EL strip wherever is most convienient... if possible I think you'll get more even lighting if you connect the AC output to opposite sides of the EL strip.

    Good Luck,
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