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MP3Car's or any other 8" Widescreen LCD

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  • MP3Car's or any other 8" Widescreen LCD

    Hi guys, new guy here. I've got an '05 4Runner with a 2 DIN deck and after being quoted 1000 for an MP3 deck and 3500 for a NAV system from Toyota (or 2300 for an aftermarket pioneer) I've decided to tackle my long time dream project of applying my nerdness to the car. I've done a good chunk of homework on what's hot out there and I found one guy who has done this to his 4Runner but he used a 7". It seems to have too much wasted space around it for my taste. I want to find an 8" widescreen.

    Basically I'm looking at a 20x10cm hole (well it's a little ovoid to hug the stock deck, so if I square out the hole it's actually 20.5x10.5cm). No one seems to list these figures for some reason but recalling highschool trig, these are the sizes I get for the actual viewable/touchable area:

    7" 16:9 - 15.5x8.7cm (too much space wasted)
    8" 4:3 - 16.26x12.19cm (too tall any way I slice it)
    8" 16:9 - 17.7x10cm (PERFECT)

    Lilliput seems to be what everyone uses but they don't make an 8" widescreen. I notced MP3Car has it's own but no one seems to have used it that I can find (edit: I found the manufacturer, SEFORM?):

    Can anyone direct me to more information with pictures? Can anyone recommend another 8" 16:9 from elsewhere? Cost is not really a factor - as long as the frame is not made out of platinum or anything. I just want something with the brightest contrast, widest view angle and fastest response time (for some reason no one lists this spec but I guess all screens this small are in the low teens ms or lower for response).

    Also, this is not too important as I'm pretty much set on it so I didn't start a separate thread, but if anyone has a second and an opinion they have to waste on me, can you say why I shouldn't get the Commell LV-673NS board (I want a Pentium M based machine, and install a PCI-X video card).

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    Mods pls delete, someone bumped a thread with pretty much all I needed to know.


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      Hey BigV8

      Keep posting in this thread. I have a 2005 v-8 limited 4runner as well that is about to go under the knife. I intend to use an 8" 16:9 screen and commel p-m mobo as well.

      I'm going to tackle the audio part of the truck first before I get into the carpc side. Keep posting any info and plans you have so we can share.


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        Hey there,

        Well my project is currently on hold because of some emergency expenditures (wife's grandma had a stroke), I think I'll resume in the new year.

        First off, forget Commell. Use this the AOpen i945GTt-VFA:

        First of all it's a real motherboard manufacturer (albeit not the best but still good). The motherboard has, in my opinion, BY FAR the best feature set (seriously, who needs RS232 nowadays??? they still provide it but at least you don't lose anything else, with others it's like you can get firewire but then you lose 2 usb or something... WHY??).

        Here is a very long thread by two very dedicated guys (one of them, rando, has a 4Runner too, although he used a 7"):

        They discuss some other very good things to do, especially the power supply.

        Here's a pic (notice the ports, NOTHING you don't need and everything you could possibly want, even a DVI connector instead of just VGA, firewire, USB out the butt etc):

        Here is Rando's full log of his original install:

        Here is an article on how to remove the 4Runner's center console:

        By the way, all the companies selling the 16:9 8" touchscreen are all EXACTLY THE SAME. If you don't believe me do the leg work, the specs, appearance, are precisely the same, they just have a different logo. The best price (plus you get to support the resource you mooch for free) is right here:


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          IIRC, there are two different radio openings for the 4th gen depending on which OEM radio you have. The base SR5 system (and I believe the OEM nav system as well) has the rounded bezel corners. The opening height is 95mm so there's no way to fit a 100mm 8" screen in there without tilting it, enlarging the opening or covering a portion of the screen. It's possible the other trim provides the extra 5mm you measured.

          I'll be installing my i945GTt soon and am eager to see any new ideas I can borrow. Good luck with the install.

          FYI, you can find a more thorough log of my original install by following the link in my sig.
          2004 4runner


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            I dunno I measured and the hole is a bit over 20x10 I think, so the screen should fit like a glove. Plus you could square out the hole. It would look better and it would expose a little more area to show the taper around the screen a little. It's annoying since I don't have a spare dash to mess with nor can I find a screen locally to just see... but according to the ruler and manufactuer spec, the 8" should fit perfectly on the Y and be wide enough to not need artificial filler on the X.

            EDIT: I just looked at our PM conversations where I wrote down the measurements I took, and it's a solid 20x10cm straight up, and 20.5x10.5 if you square the hole to the edges. The unit is 22x12.5 so it clearly needs no fillers. The viewable area is kinda questionable. They say the "LCD only size" is 17.3x10.5 which should fit vertically but barely. But if you look at the pictures, the LCD has about a quarter inch border all around which would not be visible so I question those dimensions. But again... I don't have one to play with so I don't know.


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              Hmmm ... I have my OEM radio sitting right here on the desk -- definitly not 100mm. My dash trim has the rounded corners also so I assume that means you have the same one.

              The radio itself does measure 100mm but that includes the inset bezel that sits BEHIND the dash trim. I can tell you based on my mounted 7" screen, there just isn't enough space to squeeze an extra 130mm vertically. Then again, perhaps I'm wrong. An 8" would look nice in there!
              2004 4runner


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                Well the OEM radio doesn't really fill out the hole. There is a bit of a gap all around it, and as you said, it's rounded. I used a measuring tape so I'll concede that maybe I didn't have it taut or I wasn't careful enough and it followed the curvature a bit, but I'm quite confident that it's at least 20x10, and if you cut the hole out to as square as possible, then it measures 20.5x10.5, it would sure be nice if someone could verify (I'll forget... I have the attention span of a cockroach). And with the LCD viewable area being 10.5 high (which I think is actually 10 on the money), it shoud be a very nice, clean fit. Should...


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                  Good inputs here.

                  Just a suggestion, BigV8, you might want to change the thread heading so it's more specific and have a moderator move this discussion to somehwere more appropriate or even start another thread.

                  I have a Limited so I have the larger square opening and while I haven't done any measurements, I will do what I need to do to make the 8" fit as the 7" screens I've seen in my friends cars are just a tad small to use comfortably.

                  And from what I've seen with the Aopen board...I'm liking. I was hoping to use a cheaper board/p-m cpu but it looks like the advantages of the aopen board outweight the cost. I'm a huge computer hardware nut so I can't help myself with hardware sometimes being a Computer Engineer and network admin.

                  Since I'm doing the audio part first....
                  Have you guys given this much consideration? Are you guys planning to run headless?

                  My plan so far is to gut the stock system since I'm an audiophile nut too.
                  With nowhere else to mount the an headunit, I am resorting to going with a remote face mount. That is, I'll mount the HU face on the lower vertical cubby in front of the cupholders, and also place a slot loading DVD-rom there.
                  The HU's chassis will go in the armrest console so I only need to extend the face a few feet.

                  I am also going with a 4 channel amp and redoing the stock sub with a 10" aftermarket woofer in the stock enclosure(modified)/position. Components go up front, 6.5" coaxials in the rear doors, and sub. The HU will power the rear pair of coaxials.

                  Component list for audio portion:
                  Pioneer Premier P930 HU
                  Pioneer Premier PRS-D4000F 4ch amp (rear chan. bridged for sub)
                  Diamond D661s Front components
                  Alpine SPS-170A Rear coaxials
                  Alpine SWR-1022D DVR 2ohm sub
                  PAC SWI-PS Steering wheel control adapter


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                    We're in a similar boat as you. I'm a Comp Sci from UWaterloo with Comp Eng electives so this project is primarily, as a friend put it, "tinkering for the sake of tinkering". I think rando has a similar background.

                    I'm not really big into fancy car audio systems, I keep my audiophilia at home. The stock 4Runner system sounds great to me, but I'll put in a nice amp and probably swap the speakers out to something nice while I'm at it, when I put in the carputer.

                    My most extensive list is for the carputer functionality, because I will also get to play around with some vision system algorithms. Things like:

                    -infrared front camera with a movement recognition system that will warn you visually and audibly of hot objects moving towards the road (ie deer)

                    -backup camera (shaddap, I can drive... but those dinky mirrors don't do anything and I've already decked a little parkinglot pole that is only bumper high but thankfully it was just with the trailer hitch - good aim!)

                    -full custom interface for mp3,dvd,nav

                    -custom browser with touchscreen "keyboard" for entry into the browser (pick the text field, open kbd for entry) [will have a phone/801.11g interface for the data of course]

                    -phone GUI + mic (load the driver for your phone, and you have a in-car phone with the pad on the screen - I already have everything to make this work with motorola phones like my v3)

                    -OBDII diagnostics (...because!)

                    ...all I can think of at this second


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                      I've already thought the computer thing through pretty thoroughly and it parallels with a lot of your ideas.

                      I am going to put a mini keyboard and touchpad in the armrest forward portion where it flips open.

                      The IDE drive will be located in the sub gloveback area.

                      It should all be pretty easy to do...just needs time.

                      Keep sharing your progress with lots of pics please. I will document my install too.

                      I don't intend to do a lot of custom software work as it take more effort and time to do things right then I have time for. I'm really looking for good NAV, mp3 playback, and having the capability to do what I need to without being confined to a consumer project. Most importantly, it has to be easy to use and functional without too much tweaking. Just a good audio system and good computing capability in the vacation vehicle to enjoy. I've got my ODB-II, engine management and other interests satisfied in my other car. Plus I've done a lot of hardware/software integration tweaking in my home theater, HTPC, and front projection setup.