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Where to mount my LCD?

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  • Where to mount my LCD?

    Where should i mount my LCD? I have a 2000 Dodge Neon, and there isnt too much room. I want to be able to remove it at will. I was thinking that the flexible part of a snake light will work, but it it not strong enough to hold the LCD.

    DOes anyone have any good ways to mount an LCD that is already in a case?

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    check out They a cool universal mounting system. Search google for ram mount, and you will come up with lots of places that sell them. The even have the "snake" flexible arms which are strong enough for small lcds.
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      eww...I don't like those flex arm things...look tacky...and also advertise that you have something that would not normally be in a car IN a car..

      What does your car roof look like up by the winshield? Any little panel light you could unscrew and use as a base?

      How big of an lcd we talking about here? What about between the cup holders and the cigarette lighter? Could figure out a way to mold it into there, I'm sure there's something about using fiberglass or plastic or somethin on here to help ya out.
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        My suggestion is to get a regular din sized stereo, and move it to where the cigarette lighter(power outlet) currently is. Then move the AC controls to where the stereo is right now, and then put the LCD in the remaining available space. This may work for up to 8.4" If you have a 10.4", you may need to have it halfway sticking up above your middle vents there.

        This would of course also require that you do some 'manipulating' to your trim piece that surrounds your center dash portion there.