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VGA connector for Ipod screen?

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  • VGA connector for Ipod screen?

    This might be a stupid question, so yes im prepared to be flamed for it

    but i been lookin for probably close to an hour, and cant find anything out about it, though im sure SOMEONE has done it

    but would it be possible to connect an ipod screen to a vga/usb connection? (for displaying gauges or whatever)(and yes, i know a controller of some type would be required)

    only wondering 'cause you can get $30 color ipod screens, and if theres a controller out there for them for cheap, then, yeah, haha

    all other screens around the same size, i've seen are upwards of $100

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    Considering the resolution of the iPod screen and teh output resolution of any VGA adapter, I think that even if you did manage to pull this off, it would look like ***.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      lol, i guess thats true

      the ipod color ones dont look THAT bad

      lolz, but oh well, worth a shot at asking i suppose


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        you wont find one... it could work but im sure apple found some way to make it near impossible... i.e. making pixel drawing completely different and making vga unusable

        what there is however... is a computer program that takes the infromation from the ipod and displays it as an ipod screen on teh comp display (least... i thought i saw it)... search for that ^^
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          Use google man. It's your friend
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            apple doesnt make the screen. The screens are actually very powerful and apple essentially dumbs then down for ipod use (technically speaking)

            The ipod color for instance was capable of playing movies before the video ipod came out the chips had preventors on them though. Kinda like a governor for you car.


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              i had video on my ipod photo. not the most impressive of hacks, but you take a video in quicktime turn it into pictures, and use your thumb to go the speed of the movie
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                doesnt count


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                  You want..........


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                    i did use google, if u read my post it says i searched, but none of the strings i used pulled up anything

                    and thats not what im looking for, i dont want video OUT of the ipod, i want to put my pc output INTO the ipod

                    since i have a couple ipods lying around im not using, thought i could make use of them


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                      Na , it wont work , you would need to fabricate some sort of hardware to communicate with the lcd.

                      Search for laptop lcd to vga. You will see tons of threads with ppl saying you need to buy x hundred of dollars worth of hardware to convert the signal to a usable signal for the lcd. Same with the Ipod , cept the Ipod doesnt have this hardware , you would need to make it yourself , wich is impossible unless you are an engineer.


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                        haha, i've already searched laptops and have an idea to integrate one into the car

                        i looked at smaller ones for gauges or whatever, and most of them run around $150 or so, i got a couple old ipods, and access to a few broken ones (mobo issues), so i figured if someone had the controllers available, i'd have a few small screens that i could use

                        picture quality/resolution was never an issue, it wouldnt need to be 800x600, or whatever else, 100x100px would be all i needed, lol

                        but oh well, i guess i have to get laptop screens..

                        or maybe gameboy, hahah, Gameboy DS touchscreen controller? +_+, that'd be pretty good, not cheap, but, hah, why not, imma look into it


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                          Nokia LCD's

                          Hi guys,

                          Saw this the other day and would appear to be up your street.


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                            you know, that goes right along the lines of the LCD TV being built into the refridgerator.

                            I had a conversation with my gf about this, I said it was the stupidest thing ever for hundreds of reasons.

                            Who has their fridge positioned in such a way that this be bennificial....or even in such a way that there may already be a cable hookup anywhere near the fridge. It would make more sense to install a TV on a cabinet, so then you could upgrade, or tilt the cabinet open depending on where your sitting.....and not let all the cold air out. In the end, its just not practical.

                            Then I said, it would be more practical to have a mini tv attatched to your toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom. The more I thought about it, the better the idea started to sound.
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                              True, the mouse is useless but the dispaly looks good.

                              Would look fantastic in the guage cluster with GPS directions etc.