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KZL K300 series LCD Touchscreen USB problem.

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  • KZL K300 series LCD Touchscreen USB problem.

    Hi there,
    After some very good inspiration I installed a PIII Pc into my vehicle, which was sort of a task on it's own but after some late nights and 'a lot' of tweaking I managed to get it working like a dream for about two weeks with much grattitude to MP3CAR.COM. However, my happiness came to a halt when my KZL K300 series motorised Touchscreen failed to function. This is the error I get on my pc :
    "USB device not recocognised. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned."
    After doing some Googling and going through about 23 forums and taking the advice of some well educated people, I am still stuck in a rut with this touchscreen. I am running on XP Professional SP2 with a Compag iPaq Legacy Free PIII /500Mhz Pc, 256MB Ram, 40Gb HDD. There are 5 USB ports. But after going through installing and unstalling Root Hubs, Contollers, Devices and Drivers, it still gives me the same message. I tried the touchscreen on two other Pc's and still gives me the same message.
    1. Could the USB connection cable or USB connector itself be faulty?
    2. I don't think it could be a driver problem, becuase I took all the advice I could and applied it.
    3. Is there a way to test if the connector and cable is faulty?

    Could somebody please help me with this problem, because I spent probably the last that I could salvage to set up this car pc. I thank you for your help in advance.