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  • My dilemma

    I soon will be purchasing an 06 Lexus IS 250 without navigation and I'd like to install a car pc on it. However I'm stuck as for as where to put it. From what I've read it seems to be a ton of work and ridiculously expensive to modify the dash to even put an aftermarket head unit I guess because of how complex the system is. I attached a picture of the dash. I'm thinking of putting a drop down screen but I dont want to remove the rear-view mirror.
    Can I put it right in front of the rear-view? Do people do that? I think it might be a little to far back if I put it there. Do they make any kind of arm bracket so that I can put it around where the armrest is?
    Someone please help.
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    Use a Gooseneck Flex Mount for the lcd. Are you buying this car or leasing it? IMO putting any lcd in front of a rear view mirror will attract too much attention from cops.


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      well, if it has a nav option, why not just put it where the nav WOULD be?

      as long as in ur option, its just a little cubby hole