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K301 not closing properly

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  • K301 not closing properly

    Hello, my k301 has started acting kinda stranger lately. It does not want to close properly. The screen folds down __| __/ ___ but does not want to go back in. it does this through out the day. But at night, when the car is off the whole night and when I come back in the morning and turn it back on, it works like its supposed to. Then as soon as I turn off the car again, it starts doing the same. __| __/ ___ ... as first i thought it was maybe a power issue because I have it connected to my psu (datx), maybe drawing too much power, so i hooked it up directly to the battery and see if that was the issue, it wasnt. Then maybe, I started thinking that maybe it was because it was getting too hot in the din compartment because maybe it would cool down enough over nite and that is why it would work in the morning, but if that was the case then i dont think it would overheat with 10 mins of operation because it wouldnt go back in and having the air full blast. anybody got any suggestions, thanks

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    I've got the same problem. I was just about to contact Mp3Car for an exchange. Also, the touch screen acts up just as well. Do you have the same problem with the TS?


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      Yea, I got the unit back in may or so and it was working fine and then all of a sudden, it started to not close properly. Im having no issues with the touch screen itself. Maybe we should contact mp3store for an exchange unless theres a fix for it, anybody?