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stuffed screen? im stumped!

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  • stuffed screen? im stumped!


    My screen is playing up!! A few weeks ago, it was running perfectly (with a bit of flickering), then one day it would cut out every now and then, and go to a black screen, and then come back...

    and then it got worse, it would cut out every time i touched the screen, and come back...

    and now, if im running centrafuse, the screen doesnt display anything at all (power on the screen is on)... if i manage to exit centrafuse using the touchscreen and memory of where buttons are, i can see my windows background, but it cuts out everytime i touch the screen...

    i also noticed today that it cut out when the clock rolled over one minute...

    so im thinking that maybe as soon as something on the screen moves, it cuts out...?

    please please please can someone help me with this?!

    the screen is a lin-itx 7" touchscreen...