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Graphics LCDs in Australia

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  • Graphics LCDs in Australia

    To all those Aussies... here is an Australian place that sells VGA LCD screens in teh following sizes::

    18.1" Dare ya t try and fit this in ya car..
    15.1" Perhaps still too big??
    12.1" might be good..
    10.4" this is what I want
    6.4" perfect for smaller cars

    sorry, but I don't know prices.. might be way to high for our budgets.. will see if I can find out prices... these are all VGA, including the 6.4" which is good.. lol okay, now I am just rambling..
    I hope they aren't too expensive...

    EDIT: perhaps I SHOULD give you the website??? okay..
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    If your still mucking around for Linear regs trying to save a buck - I dont know why you are looking at TFTs!!!!! I reckon you will have a very young heartattack when u get the prices.....

    they will not be cheap, and not having prices on their site I would say they are wholesale only....

    sticking to my 5.6Inch TFT for sure..
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      i contacted them they want like 1200 bux for the 6.4"

      i love my 12.1" vga lcd and it cost me 200 bux



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        pcman : unrealed, but why did you change your alias name? your post count is now a measly little numba!

        I knew those prices would be huge..... how did you source your 12.1Inch at $200? Ebay? something else?
        Project - GAME OVER :(


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          i forgot my password and the email account for it is no longer active

          yeah i got the lcd from sold was a great score

          im still working on finishing my car so ittl be a while till i get the stereo started