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My VFD came today. Now what?

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  • My VFD came today. Now what?

    Okay, this is going to be a two-thread question in order to make it more helpful.

    I got my VFD module from Noritake today. It's a CU40025SCPB-U1J (2x40) with HD44780. It has a 14-pin "connector" but there are no actual pins. THis means I'm actually going to get to solder the thing, but I want to make sure I'm doing it correctly. I have no experience with soldering, so please help me out by visiting this thread:

    At any rate, here's the pinout for the VFD module:
    1: GND
    2: Vcc
    3: *NC
    4: RS
    5: R/W (WR)
    6: E (RD)
    7: DB0
    8: DB1
    9: DB2
    10: DB3
    11: DB4
    12: DB5
    13: DB6
    14: DB7

    I'm not sure what the DBX pins mean. GND is obviously ground and Vcc is the 5+V from the power supply (in my case, the PS/2 port). I'm not sure what pins 4-6 are for exactly either. I have a 17-page data sheet but as I have no experience with this sort of thing, I'm a little lost. According to the data sheet, "Interface level is TTL-8/4 bit parallel and the module can be connected to the CPU bus directly." Now these things are designed for madical equipment (later in the data sheet it has a jumper for eitehr a i80 or M68-type CPU) so I want to confirm I can just connect it to a computer parallel port.

    On that subject, what I think I need to determine is whether or not this is as simple as taking a parallel cable, cutting on plug off, stripping the wires and soldering the right ones to the connectors on the VFD. If I have this oversimplified, could someone set me straight? Either way, I think I'll need to know which wires go to which pins. Attached to this thread is a photo of the 14-pin connector. Also, I can provide any data from the data sheet that would be helpful.

    I'm looking forward to getting this going, so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    By the way...
    If someone wants to dialoge with my via AIM, that would be helpful. I could then publish the convo to this thread in order to make it available to others. Thanks!

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    DBx is for each bit of data. 8 bit interface, so DB0-DB7. The connection from the parallel connector is in the attachment. You won't need the potentiometers since this is for a VFD, just connect the wires directly. Post back if you get this to work. I have connected a few LCDs using the attached wiring diagram but as of yet, I cannot get my VFD to work in parallel mode (see 2x20 VFD thread).
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      Interestingly, about 10 minutes after I posted this thread, CrzyL1ttle IM'ed me and we spent 3 hours going over this thing. I've got several items on the way from JDR and I think I should have it up and running in no time. In case it serves as a help to anyone else, attached is the diagram CrzyL1ttle drew for my setup. I haven't built it yet so I can't say it works yet, but here it is. Thanks!