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intel mac mini flickering screen

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  • intel mac mini flickering screen

    So I have a flickering screen issue on my car when I use my intel mini. I used to have a G4 mini which also had a flickering issue, but I fixed that by using regulated power for the monitor. All my units for CarPc are now powered by carnetix PSU including the USB hub. These are a few things that I've noticed:

    1) No flickering when using PPC g4 mini; yes flickering when using intel mini.
    2) No flickering when using intel mini powered by household AC power (everything else is still car powered)
    3) Limited flickering when usb devices are unplugged.
    4) No flickering at all when itunes is importing a CD. (WTF???)

    Any ideas on whats going on and how I can avoid this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Originally posted by godraj View Post
    So I have a flickering screen issue on my car when I use my intel mini.
    I had a flickering issue with my Lilli. After futzing around with various things it turned out that my refresh rate was off. I fixed that and it cleared right up.

    Otherwise, make sure that the power cable from the P1900 to the LCD is well insulated and your VGA cable isn't running around uninsulated power lines.

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      Thanks for the advice. I tried everything mentioned and it didnt' seem to help.
      But I did notice something else, when I run cpu intensive programs the flickering stops. Can anyone explain what's going on and has anyone else experienced this issue?


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        Just tried a duo instead of solo and the flickering and noise issue is worse. I'm really stumped. Any suggestions???