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My 12.1" LCD --> Controller Heat

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  • My 12.1" LCD --> Controller Heat

    Hi Guys,

    I finally obtained an LCD (12.1") and it is working Sweet (Thanx Genesis!)

    I will try to get a few pics of the software i have programmed and am running on my PC (35sec boot up under a winME environment) up here sometime soon! Full windows functionanlity in a simple and more attractive format.

    One slight query though! is it normal for a controller to produce an amount of heat? Touchable, but gives you that "Oh Shi*, what have i shorted" feeling

    Thanks peoples!

    A while ago, someone was asking about a location for an LCD in a VL commodore. I plan to mount this smack bang in the middle of the dash. The bracket allos it to tilt up (parallel with the top of dash) and slide right back onto the top of the dash. When i am finished, it will also be possible to remove it from the car in a matter of seconds. P.M. me for pics!

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    bah you're the bastard that got it before me


    sounds cool, in case you're interested I found 12.1in touchscreens that work via USB for $180, I was going to buy one of those to work with it.



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      Glad you like the screen. The controller always got pretty warm, what are you powering it with? The info I collected on that setup stated that it needs 12volts @ 3 amps. Is the power supply you are using able to supply that current?

      Pretty sweet mounting setup huh?
      That should give you all the movement you need.

      Another happy customer
      If your still interested in any of the other parts, let me know. Some have gone, but there are a few things left.


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        Originally posted by Genesis
        12volts @ 3 amps
        for an lcd controller?

        My lcd / backlight / lcd controller / touchscreen / touchscreen controller use a total of 0.8 A @ 12V


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          It was an ex desktop unit. That was the manufacturers recomended supply. Whether the screen "actually" draws that much, i dont know.


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            I am interested in the toutchscreen mod! where are they?


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              I believe that's the place I found them, it uses USB, and I spoke with a rep and he said it would work fine with this exact model (I had planned on buying it from Genesis).



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                Originally posted by Birrman54
                I found 12.1in touchscreens that work via USB for $180, I was going to buy one of those to work with it.

                where and is that for the inverter and everything?
                1998 Toyota Tacoma
                P2 200Mhz
                40 gig hd
                Packard bell IR
                64 mg ram

                feel free to help me out with an LCD


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                  I'm sorry, my statement was unclear.

                  The touchscreens are overlays and controllers, not an actual screen.

                  even so, it's a decent price, especially for USB.