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LCD now not displaying properly

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  • LCD now not displaying properly

    Hi guys... I finally got my player in the car and it worked brilliantly, until this morning when the LCD screen suddenly had problems with it's display.

    (It is a character LCD 20x4)

    It has black squares all over it apart from the top left corner where it tries to fit the whole display into about 8x2 characters. I know it isn't the config of the software because if you just give power to the screen it displays black bars all over the screen apart from that corner.

    What could be wrong, is a chip on the LCD blown?

    Where can I get more help about this? I have tried the Data International website but I have got no reply.

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    When i was into char LCD had seen this problem .. it nothing big ... just check you lcd to printer port connections ..

    thats where the problem is ..

    Good Luck \\



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      Yeah, a dataline probably came loose somewhere.


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        I know it is nothing to do with the printer port cable as even if it doesn't have data sent to it it should display two black lines. It doesn't, it is all balck apart from the top corner.

        From the manufacturer they have said it may be losing pressure between the circuit board and the screen, and by applying pressure it should resolve it. It has helped a little, but it isn't all back.