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12" tft Vga Monitor off ebay? Help

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  • 12" tft Vga Monitor off ebay? Help

    Hi, To start off I am a newbie so bare with me.
    I got a 12" lcd tft monitor of Ebay. The manufacturer Is SlimAge model number 121TSA It has a vga input and a 12V/3 amp dc power supply. I need help to figure out how to power this in my car. I already have a 400 watt power inverter and a 300 watt car amp running off a 4 gauge to 4 -8 gauge fused Distribution box in my trunk and wanted to know if there was a way I could run this monitor off the distribution box because I already have two things plugged into the power inverter. I have a 1968 Camaro by the way if that helps any. I thank you all for any help that you can give me.

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    if its 12v, u could always run a line from the battery for it, with a regulator


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      Thanks but is there anyway you could be more specific about the regulator I’ve searched and haven't been able to find one that can handle 3 amps at 12V, onlyfound one that handles up to two amps, or am I misunderstanding what you said? Can I hook that regulator up to my distribution box or do I have to run a new line from the battery?


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        Something with a LT1764A ?