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Lilliput 619GL Touch Portion Stops Responding

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  • Lilliput 619GL Touch Portion Stops Responding

    As I mentioned in the title my Lilliput will stop responding to touches every 10 minutes or so. I originally thought it was a heat issue but at night when the screen does not even feel warm the problem still occurs. Any ideas?

    Intel 866Mhz PIII
    256MB of RAM
    80GB HD
    USB Hub
    Windows XP

    I think that's all the relevant details. Please let me know if you need anything else. A brief search didn't provide any help. Thanks in advance, all.

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    I got the same model and it was a heat issue for me.

    I stuck a 40m fan on the back and wired it to the main power input of the monitor and its now stable.

    Good way to test is leave it own and blow a fan or the air con onto it at full and see if she stays on for longer.


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      It is NOT a heating issue. I just started my car, the interior temperature was 130F and the screen worked for approximately 2 minutes before it stopped working. (Touch portion, display still updates) Another item of interest is the fact that if I touch the screen every 30 seconds or so, the screen continues to work. Part of me thinks it might be the usb cable. I am using a hub instead of an extension. I am going to go try a different cable now. Will post results.

      Thanks again for all the help thus far.


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        Bump. :[


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          touch screen not responding...

          OK, I'll bite.

          I know more about Windows than I do about car computers (so far anyway!) and I'd take a swag at it and say that it's your XP locking your screen, maybe?

          Right-click on your desktop - Properties - Screen Saver and make sure it is not set to do anything after any amount of time.

          Hope that helps!

          2006 Mini S Convertible
          Woodbridge, VA


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            Windows is trying to turn off the device to save power after x amount of idle time.
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