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  • 700IDT issues

    yes, i have searched. if you find the answer already posted, flame away. I'd deserve it.

    i had a 700ts running fine in my car. I had no problems with the screen, actually became very happy with the quality of xenarc. i recently bought a 700idt for mounting reasons. i did not update the drivers, reasoning that the screen was the same, just in a different case. i connected the screen to my laptop in my apartment, and everything worked fine right off the bat. so i installed it into my car, just in time for a long road trip.

    1) the screen is left powered on, set to PC input. the green light is blinking. i press a button on my dash to start my laptop. the 700IDT shows the screen, but the image is shifted right about 10% at the start. i scroll through the inputs, AV1, AV2, and back to PC and the screen fixes the problem. It's not a big problem to scroll through the inputs, but it's annoying.
    2) sometimes the touchsreen re-clicks the item last touched. if i press on a song, the song plays. roadrunner re-scrolls the list to keep the playing song in the same spot at all times. then the touchscreen may click 2 or 3 more times in the clicked spot, changing the song 2 to 3 times. right now i click on a song, then click into a blank area in the skin. this way if the screen clicks again, it doesnt change anything.
    3) the biggest problem is that sometimes the touchscreen becomes unresponsive. maybe 2 minutes after startup, or 30 minutes. roughly every other time i use the car computer, the 700IDT touchscreen at some point does not respond. i have to shut down and reboot my laptop.

    i thought about re-installing the drivers, but i remember how much of a pain it was originally. i will re-install them if nothing else works.

    do you guys/gals have any ideas?

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    I used to have a pretty bad problem with the touch screen not wanting to be responsive upon boot up.

    I went ahead and downloaded the latest drives and now it rarely ever happens.

    As for the image shifting, I'll just quote what I wrote elsewhere:

    Originally posted by Red GTI VR6
    Occasionally I've had the same issue with both of my Xenarcs (7" before, 8" now).

    This is the main reason I recommend to EVERYONE to keep the buttons and not remove them.

    In the menu for the screen there's an option to self adjust. If, when I start up and it does this for some reason, with the push of a few buttons, it's back to normal.

    Not sure why it does it though.
    Jan Bennett
    FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

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