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Touch Screen vs Non-Touch Screen and Readability Questions

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  • Touch Screen vs Non-Touch Screen and Readability Questions

    I followed the Transflective Technology Thread so I have some knowledge of what went down in there.

    From what I understood is that the major component that made our touch screens unreadable in the sun was the touch screen panel itself. My question would be a two part one.

    1.) Would a non-touch screen be any more readable that a lilliput or Xenarc TS? I have owned both monitors and was disappointed over how unusable they were due to sunlight. They work wonders at night.

    2.) Does anyone know of some single din pull out (motorized or non is fine) minoitors without a TS? I have a small keyboard and mouse I use in my car all the time and find the only thing I use the TS for is opening iGuidance.

    Since I run Windows Media Center I have a full GUI in there so my music needs are handeled by a remote. My navigation needs can easily be done via a keyboard/mouse since I put in my destinations before leaving the drive way (I do service calls so I know where I'm going next).

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    I've used my screen without a TS for about a week (Xenarc).. you can easily remove the TS to play with it. I was amazed at how well it looked under the sun and how little reflection the screen had without the TS. Even considered leaving it without the TS, but had already ordered a replacement so I installed it (I tightened the old one a little too tight and it cracked).
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      if you take the touchscreen off, & use an antiglare overlay, it'll look much better than with the touchscreen...
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