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Bought DWW-700H, Driver Problems

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  • Bought DWW-700H, Driver Problems

    Ok, so I've had three touch screens to date. A Lilliput and a Xenarc that I was testing out to see which one I liked better. I sold those because someone on the forum screwed me over on a custom dash part for it.

    I bought a Lilliput single din motorized, installed it without a problem. Had all kinds of problems with the unit itself (like the screen kicking on only when it wanted to including the tilt buttons working).

    Bought the DWW-700H. Uninstalled ALL previous drivers and Touchkit software. EVERYTHING! Installed the CD that came with it. Detects the drivers, installs the touchkit, shows up as a monitor but can't calibrate it, doesnt detect you click on anything.

    Searched the forum and Google and found people suggesting different driver verions. I downloaded 4 sets:

    Using Windows XP Media Center 2005. Installed the 4.3 first, then 4.0, then 3.2.1 then 3.2.3. NONE worked. Then some how during a reboot my computer lost its activation status and wanted me to re-activate it with Microsoft. Fine, phoned the activation and did that. No every time I attempt to install any version of the TS driver it blue screens and reboots.

    I decided what the heck, I pulled out my Windows Vista Beta 2 CD. Loaded that onto a spare hard drive. I must say something about Vista makes the screen even clearer, like the effects they add bring out the clarity of the screen. I install the TouchKit software, it shows up in the device manager but the software can't find a monitor. Oh well, I gave up.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I've searched the forum and know about the issue on some screens where the plastic case touches the film, that isn't a problem here.

    I've emailed DigitalWW (tried a couple of times but there is some sort of error with their site and submitting a tech ticket). I'm sure they will reply tomorrow but I just wanted to see if anyone else had this or a similar problem and how they resolved it maybe a different driver version).

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    I dont know much about these LCDs but if they are anything like regular LCDs you might try uninstalling all drivers for it.
    Connect another monitor to it. Now install the drivers for the montior but not touchscreen. Turn off pc connect the VGA cable to DWW-700H and the PC. Boot back up. Connect the will prompt to install drivers automatically dont choose that option, choose to install from disk. Tell me how it works..

    sometimes USB drivers mess up if you install the improperly, id you did do that before hand..then i dont know what the problem can be.


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      I would consider myself a computer expert by trade. I know how to install the drivers. None of the screens I've ever owned have come with a driver to the monitor itself, only drivers for the USB Touch Controller.

      That said, I've tried everything before posting, including installing the drivers PRIOR to hooking up the screen. Yes, all drivers were uninstalled PRIOR to attempting the installation.

      I even went as far as to go in to the device manager, update the drivers Windows installed to the ones provided with the screen, and then attempted it with each of the listed drivers downloaded from the web.

      The screen simply does not recognize any touches. Other people here have had a similar problem but used an old driver version. I tried that and it still didn't work.

      Any other suggestions?


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        It appears as though you've tried all of the obvious solutions, and when those are all gone, what remains is sometimes the only option. In this case that would seem to be a physical problem with the touchscreen.

        Possibly a bad touchscreen or poor connection to the controller board maybe?
        "It's a blessing . . . and a curse."


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          I had the same problem. I installed the drivers many times over and over.
          Still it didnt work. Then in a desperate try I removed my usb mouse from my computer and then it worked! So I guess a usb mouse and this touchscreen dont work together. It might have something to do that I have a laptop as my carpc. I dont know. I hope this works for you too


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            Thanks for the update. Armen at DigitalWW replaced the touch controller for me and it worked fine after.

            I am able to use both a mouse and the TS together.

            Having a laptop you will have a built in mouse with the touch-pad.