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Mounting LCD in a 05 Astra

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  • Mounting LCD in a 05 Astra


    I have been discussing my carputer in the newbie section, but I have had little response to this question, and seeing this is the LCD/Display forum, I thought I'd post it here.


    I have searched the forums and the only astras I've seen on here are OLD ones (pre 05) and their dash boards are completely different to mine.

    I've been trying to find a suitable place for the monitor to go, but I'm stumped.
    I dont was to rip the dash apart as the car is amazing looking, here is a pic of the interior (got it from a astra site, as in work and cant take a pic of the car)
    This is exactly like my car, Astra SRI CDTi 1.7 (2005)

    The car already has an onboard computer, and I dont want to loose the functionality from that, so I'm not going to take the screen out for that.
    the stereo has all the computer's controls on too, so I dont want to remove that, and the board below that is all the air-con etc controls. You see my plight?

    I said in my previous posy I was going to put it on a 'flip-out' from the glove box, BUT I wont be able to see the monitor from the drivers seat, so changing tracks, while driving will be a problem :S

    Does anyone have any ideas? I also dont want the display on show constantly, ie on a prop, which I've seen in the forums, as it would get pinched. The car got 'keyed' and covered in gravey with the first week of having it. Stupid jealous neighbours....
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    tbh you are pretty screwed! i thinkt he best approach would be to move the smaller onboard computer display and put your screen in that space. the smaller screen would be easier to find a new home for (eg sunvisors or where your driver side vent is)

    Failing that get a new facia with the vents in and hack that by having a flip out screen behind the vents (remove and block the ducts) and then have the vents open so the screen is fully hidden when closed.


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      yeah I thought I would be.
      I did have a great idea but all these mod cons got me again, was gonna put it in the sun visor, but NO! they had to go and put a mirrow and lights in there
      I have a few Other Ideas:

      Idea 1:
      A flip out screen, can you suggest any for me, I'm looking at spend about £150 on the screen. All the ones I've found are built into a dvd/cd player, I just want the screen

      Idea 2:
      have the flipout screen mounted in the passenger foot well, so it pokes up and is facing me (not a great idea)

      Its SO annoying as I've even have a place to put the USB hub, so it looks intergrated, its just the monitor that is killing me.

      The curve of the dash also stops from having a dash mounted monitor too.
      Wouldnt closing off the vents cause problems? as its says in the manual to have all the vents open when the aircon is on, would it be a problem to have the air vents still open and blowing through behind the monitor, as I may be able to get a new facia and do some mods to it. although I have 0 skills (at least 0 that I yet know about) for hacking the facia apart.

      as for moving the current one, thats gonna be just as hard, so doubt I'll do that.

      If you can direct me to some standalong flipout monitors then I should be able to come up with an idea or three.
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        flip out monitors in the UK: linitx.

        as for the sun visor....lose the ghey mirror lights. what are you an actor?


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          yeah I am actually...
          no I not, I was just thinking, as I've seen one that was mounted ontop, not inside it. This could be an option, I would need to be remove anything then either if I come to sell the car, as the carputer wouldn't be going with it

          Just need a decent model for hanging/mounting on there, suggestions

          /me poses in a mirror...
          /me hides

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            Take Put the BRICK, i mean radio and Get a Facia Adaptor or Customise Something, that Radio is all 05 + Opels and someone is going to have to take it out sooner or later, You could fit an aftermarket HU which will still connect to the screen and steering wheel controls (with right adaptors of course) and use the 2nd DIN slot for your screen,
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              How about a mounting point for the screen, some else did it on the form, didn't damage his dash either, you could have it at a 45 degree to yourself while driving, in front of the Radio or near the vents,
              P4 Celeron 2.2 - 512MB - OPUS 250 - Audigy SE - BU353 - HQCT - No Speakers though :-(


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                I could, but as I said I NEED to retain the functionality of the onboard computer. SO changing that is not viable.

                SO many obsticals... it would have been fine if it were a basic model
                Also I'm gonna install a switch to change the speaker between the radio/cd player and the carputer. This ill save on buying a 'radio' adapter for the carputer. Savings! Savings! Savings!

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                  but if you use a switch you will need an amp. if you are happy with the stick volume and speaker setup and not looking to imporve it then get an aux in adapter as then you can use the stock volume control.

                  what aboout relocating the top lcd to the arm rest area between the 2 front seats?


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                    actually, looking again...see how much the facia is from VX or see if there as been any crashed yet in breakers etc etc.

                    then fabricate (learn how) the motorized screen in just below the exisitng lcd and relocate the hazard button. Then spray the screen silver to match the dash so when closed you wont see it and then when the pc is in use it will cover the top lcd and if you switch to radio you just close the screen.


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                      I haven't read much about setting up the sound yet as I hit this wall with setting up the monitor

                      as for the difference between the SRI and VXR, there isn't any, coz the VXR is the SRI with a body kit A guy down the dowd the road from me has one.

                      I think the sunvisor mounted screen is going to be the best bet.

                      I have no armrests in mine they would have been an added axtra when the car was first bought, mine is 2nd hand.

                      I suppose I should then ask about setting up the sound /me goes to look in the sound forums.

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                        Yu could use the original CID screen and install the C-Chef's interface to connect your carpc to this screen. You won't need to add any new screen, the only thing is that this isn't a touch screen.

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