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Help motorised screen problems

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  • Help motorised screen problems

    Hi guys hope you can help me.I've been messing around with car pc's for the last 12 months trying to make my install better.I had an ordinary dash mounted LILLIPUT screen which was ok but I always wanted an in dash motorised screen so I took the plunge and bought a LILLIPUT 7" IN DASH MOTORIZED VGA MONITOR.On installing the unit today I ran into a problem,everything worked fine opened and closed the screen a couple or three times.Then after that the screen only started to extend to the horizontal position for a few seconds and then goes back in.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this or will I send it back.
    Help help help

    This is the one I bought.

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    I'am from Ireland and I bought the unit from the States and it'll cost me a fortune to ship it back.


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      You didn't stick screws into the side did you? That would keep it from flipping up. If that is you problem and you need screws in the side then use shorter screws.
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        I also read something on the boards about it being a common problem, normally caused by the screws, but sometimes not.

        Good luck,
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