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Honda Accord '03+ owners.. Have you seen this setup?

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  • Honda Accord '03+ owners.. Have you seen this setup?

    I did my and , Even in Japanese site.

    I cannot find ANYONE who's selling this mounting kit for LCD monitor.

    Anyone seen this?

    The dashboard is in KM/H scale, and it's left hand drive. That means it's either Canada, South Korea, Europe (but they have the "Euro" Accords - The Acura TSX in USA - aren't they?)

    I'd love to get one of these in my accord.

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    yes, euro accord= us tsx

    How big is the screen?...looks like it may block driver's view


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      I would exclude korea because the text is in english.
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        I was thinking about doing this with Fiberglass or something... Pyle sells 1/2 DIN 7 inch Motorized screen. Although it's not a touch screen, it's slim enough to be right *there* on that spot. It'd be perfect. Actually, 1DIN touchscreen motorized VGA monitor would fit there nicely too.

        I folded paper to the size of 7" screen and placed it on that spot. No, it doesn't block the driver's view.. I am 5'10", and it didn't block any of my view.


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          koreans use english for a lot of things, so just going from that screen i wouldnt rule korea out

          BUT, i would rule it out on the fact that out of country cars are very rare here, lol, so honda's arent plentiful