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Toshiba Libretto 100 Screen?

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  • Toshiba Libretto 100 Screen?

    Lo all,

    I can get my hands on a Toshiba Libretto 100CT VGA LCD screen. This is good for 800x480 VGA resolution. Its a Sharp LCD so am I likely to be able to find a driver board for it?

    Any ideas which board I'd be able to use?
    Having problems tracking down the model number as my ISP is pants at the monet



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    just an idea but if it's cheap n e way.. snap it up, open up the back and find out the screen model.. once ya got this.. if ya can't find any info on the screen then stick it on ebay and flog it off..

    though b4 hand.. go look on ebay (and other such auction sites) n check the prices that these things go for so ya don't get ripped off..

    - reso


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      COLOR LCD Mod. Sharp LQ71Y03 7.1" VGA-TFT VF0186P01

      I got ya the sharp # ^^^^^^^^ but couldn't find the pinouts...prolly won't be able to, but you can try...good luck.
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        Does it have a 31 pin connector like this on it?


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          I have a libretto 50ct which has a lq61d133 in it I posted a message awile ago looking for datasheets for the screens in the 50ct - 110ct.... the 6.1" (what I have) and the 7.1" you are looking for I too can get a deal on these so was wondering what I can do with it.... they have a strainge pinout I attached a picture of it from my webcam I need to get my digital cam from work and take a better one...

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            LCD Screen for a Libretto 100CT

            If you still having your Sharp LQ71Y03 libretto screen
            are you interested in selling it?


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              Libretto 110 Screen Wires

              does anyone have the specification of the wires for the libretto screen in order to connect it to an epia motherboard?
              Since a week, I have found nothing even in google.
              Thank you for your help
              Floc - France