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DWW700H does NOT have 800x480

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  • DWW700H does NOT have 800x480

    Maybe that's not a news, but apparently i've read around that this monitor is a native 800x480 monitor, well it is NOT! The closest resolution is 720*400 ...but don't ask to me if that's the native resolution, i've no idea.
    Do you confirm?

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    Bump.... none figured what's the native res. for this monitor?


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      I'm pretty sure the native resolution IS 800x480, but the problem is that most of these LCD screens aren't passing any EDID information which tells the video driver what resolutions the screen can handle.

      Since the video driver has no idea what the LCD can support, it just defaults to what it has for standard available resolutions. There have been many posts on this subject as people have tried various methods to get their video drivers to support an 800x480 resolution. Depending on the make of your video driver (i.e. Intel, ATI, VIA, etc) and style (i.e. embedded video or add-in card) your mileage may vary in your ability to make this work.

      Some people have been able to get Powerstrip to do the trick, but it appears that most have had to rely on some form of registry and driver modification.
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        The problem isn't that i cannot set the resolution, i can fine set it to 800x480 on my drivers, but the monitor doesn't handle that resolution. I have the monitor details on a paper (that seems is something pretty "standard", not specific for this monitor type) with the available resolutions, and 800x480 is "cancelled". Now it would be a pretty stupid to build a monitor with 800x480 native resolution, without the possibility to handle it.