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Use VTBook PC-to-VGA to get 800x480 on Xenarc?

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  • Use VTBook PC-to-VGA to get 800x480 on Xenarc?

    Stumbled across a PCMCIA to DVI/VGA product called VTBook while looking for a way to get 800x480 custom resolution on a VIA Epia MII10000.

    The VTBook is simply PCMCIA to DVI/VGA Graphics Card.

    "The world's only 32 MB Graphics Card for notebooks connects additional High End Displays. All VGA, DVI and ADC Displays are supported. Connects wide screen Displays up to 1920x1200 to Notebooks. Over 100 predefined resolutions."
    800x480 @ 60hz is one of them !!!

    Specs and supported resolutions here:

    Hardware Specs
    Graphics Chip Trident XP2
    Memory 32 MB 266MHz DDR
    Bus CardBus 32bit
    Connectors PC Card Type II, DVI-I (DVI-D and DVI-A compatible) and VGA (with included adapter)
    Dimensions 126 x 54 x 15 mm, 4.96 x 2.13 x 0.59 inch (without DVI to VGA adapter)
    Weight Board only: 68 gr (2.4 oz) - Including adapter and case: 218 gr (7.7 oz)

    I was thinking about trying one in the cardbus slot on the MII10000.

    Has anybody tried to run one with their Xenarx or Lilli ?

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    ouch...... pricey


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      Originally posted by CJ8501 View Post

      Cost of VTBook is around $240.00

      It's 1/4 th of the cost when compared to one $1000 alternative by Magma which is a PCMCIA to PCI solution... then add the cost of a video card.


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        wow, that magma's really sweet.... crazy price though, but if that was more affordable it'd be a nice thing to have...

        I have a vt book, there a little finicky, but work really well when used properly... I don't have a via board to test this, but I'll bet it does work.... but for what it costs it may be better to just go with a better motherboard in the first place...
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