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Mercedes ML320 (1998) - please help choose LCD

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  • Mercedes ML320 (1998) - please help choose LCD

    Hello guys,
    I'm finnaly getting close to become a member of your awsome comunity!

    All I need to get started is to choose the right LCD for my car.

    Since that Touchscreens are relatively expencive, I 'm kinda scared that I make a mistake and choose a wrong one.
    ML320 hase a double din placeholder, and i want to buy monitor with maximum size (8" ?? or 7?) to cover this space, plus idealy to have little bit more on top or bottom to fit slot loading pioneer dvd.

    I saw number of projects for ML's but I can not figure out what monitors they were using . also some people mentioned that it is hard to see in sunlight, is that means i have to buy a monitor with special surface, or should i make monitor holder with a small "roof" - will that look ugly?..

    if you have experience with double dins or ML's - please help.

    Also monitor buttons - i guess i could re-wire to use for computer control - so what monitor model is the best all way around?

    Thanks alot!!

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    Xenarc is generally considered to be the best bang for the buck touch screen... however it is expensive...

    no matter what screen you get, you will have to fabricate a bezel to make it fit in the double din location... if you remove your current radio you will be able to see if a 8" screen can fit there... but most likely a 7" will be the easiest to make fit

    good luck!
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      thanks for advise, I will try to purchase Xernac then.
      i want something like this, But im not sure what LCD model is this...

      (this is exacly the same panel as mine)

      also this guy didn't get space for dvd rom on top... ;(


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        I am also a ML320 owner....

        And I fabricated a frame out of aluminum for my Dual Din. I had a 7" Lilliput and with the custom frame I fitted it with NO ADHESIVE. I have my Lilliput for sale now since I replaced the audio completely, but it has been hacked up but in the perfect way for you since you are using a W163. Let me know if you want the Lilliput I am letting it go for 125, cost me $275 a few months ago.
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          are u still selling ur screen?


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            SCreen Still for sale....

            Please make me an offer there are a few but I have not decided yet since a few are straight up low ball figures.


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              ML Owner, looking for help and advice

              Hello All,
              first of all, let me complement all of you for the advice and the community.
              I am writing you since I own since a few months an ML, and I would like to change its MCS. I was planning on purchasing on Ebay the following: Pioneer AVIC-D1 Double 2 Din CAR Navigation system GPS. You can also find it on this link:

              Now, this is a double DIN system. Will it be compatible with the existing size? You know, I would not like to do an ugly job and regret it after spending all the money.

              I would really appreciate your input on this matter.
              Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for all,


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                sorry that it took me so long to respond. do u still have the screen? send me an PM ...


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                  w163 10.4` LCD is that possible

                  Hi there ,I have on my ML320 10.4` LCD if someone wants to ,I can send you a pictures.