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Nan Ya 2x40 LCD

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  • Nan Ya 2x40 LCD

    I've just managed to blag 4 of these LCD's based on the HD44780 controller. It should give me chance to blow a couple up before I get one working I've got the Pin Outs so it shouldn't be too much hassle.

    Has anyone had experience of this LCD from this manufaturer?

    And which LCD software will work best with a 2x40 display?

    BTW I've tried searching for Nan Ya on here, but the BBS complains the search string is too short


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    Well, I tried removing the "ya" part of the search and it yielded at least one result... this one.

    Seriously though, I don't have any experience with this kind of LCD, but I assume you already looked through their webpage?

    It's in Chinese/Korean but you can still find info on specific modules when you click on the products link.

    Hope it helps. Oh, and Google is your friend too.


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      Thanks for the prompt reply and the link to the site. The LCD is used in a product the company I work for makes, so I've got good pinouts and schematics for the little beauty.

      I thought I'd ask as I'd not come across the manufacturer before and wondered if anyone else had.

      Thanks again


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        It's working - 5v from the PS2 port on my laptop. The wiring wasn't to hard to figure out. Time to mount it in the car

        Thanks to Markus Zehnder for the ace plugin and everyone who's helped by answering my questions or by just posting useful info.

        and excuse the quality of this photo :-