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Are these a good LCD?

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  • Are these a good LCD?

    Found this on ebay... Price sounds good but I don't know if this is even worth buying. I'm completely new to all of this, read a lot of stuff, but I'm not sure I have the ~$500 for a good screen. I want something that I can plug into a computer in the car and has a good resolution for DVDs and can actually read the computer, but is bright enough also.

    Any information or comments are well appreciated.

    Thanks guys.

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    No good. Aint going to work for you.


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      damn. that's what i was thinking too. i think i gave up the in car computer right after i saw the prices for screens.


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        Don't be discouraged.. you can find a decent ntsc/pal screen for 150 or even 100
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          I think I just gave up on it. I think I"m just going to wire my laptop in my car for it. Having the screen is a pain in the *** cause I had NO idea where I'd mount it (in dash is unavailable).

          thanks for the help though.