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Just bought another LCD -> Supporting colour modes???

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  • Just bought another LCD -> Supporting colour modes???

    Gday guys,

    I just purchased another LCD (12.1"er again). It is digital and comes with the appropriate PCI card.

    see it here....

    The guy selling it say that it supports true, high and 256 colour modes. but the spec website ( ) says that it supports 262,144.

    What is the equivalent of this???? ie. true colour, high colour or 256 (i wouldn't think so but could be )


    P.S. This screen will be extracted and added to a matching case (only in black) that is already in my car ready to go. In case your wondering were.....It is right smack bang in the middle of the dash (infront of the vents etc). The bracket allows it to slide up onto the dash for a flush fit!

    I'm excited!!!!!!

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    Take some photos for us Ian, I would be very insterested to see how you incorporated a 12.1" LCD in a VL Berlina!
    Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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      Thats 18-bit color.

      8 bit color: 2^8 = 256

      16 bit color: 2^16 = 65536

      18 bit color: 2^18 = 262144

      24 bit color: 2^24 = 16777216

      I think you get the picture

      Im running 12 bit (4096 colors, the DennisK setup) and it looks fine... So 18 should be no problem at all for dvd etc...
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        hi there

        i have this exact screeen and card

        it sux for dvd and just about all video as its got a terrible refresh rate
        terrible viewing angle
        great image quality tho

        anyway sorry to spoil ya party

        i got mine for 200 a bout 2 months ago

        not bad but only for winamp and selected plugins

        if you get good quality outta it let me know



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          Thats a bit of a *****!
          never mind, will see what happens.

          By the way, whats the diff between digital and analog screens?

          also, prob been asked before but ayway.....has anyone ever extended a cable for a digital LCD before?


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            Oh, and Jarrod. I don't have digi cam but i will do my best to get some pics for ya!