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    I searched the forums for these laptops and found a few posts, but has anyone used the screen from these laptops or is it a bad idea to use a laptop screen.


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    Alright, firstly, alot of people get annoyed with people asking this question but i'l giuve you a short answer.

    Laptop screens are fine to use, however they can become expensive and fiddly. Ther are lots and lots of users on this forum that use Laptop screens.

    In order to do so, you will need:
    A compatible controller
    A compatible backlight inverter
    A suitable hirose cable (connects LCD to controller)

    Just a basicx insight. This has all been mentioned on previous posts so it may pay to do a search.

    good luck.


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      Laptop screens are great as long as you have a fair few hundred $'s to throw at it. They are the best quality wise (beating composite inputs hands down) and are dirt cheap to get the actual screens (often sub $100). However, you need an LCD controller which is the expensive bit. On a laptop motherboard, the LCD controller is intergrated and therefore can't be used. Your options are to buy an inline LCD controller (like the allen rubble controllers that were sold on the board a few months ago) which accepts vga input and converts to LCD, or to buy a PCI LCD controller (which features a built in graphics card). As there are no more allen rubble controllers (doh!) you are faced with at least $300 for a controller. For me this is not an option, so I'm going to fit a 15 inch TFT desktop monitor in the car for people to watch films on and eventually a 7" widescreen redant display in the front for GPS. When I've finished robbing banks to pay for it...

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      Cheers - Good luck with your install
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