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  • LCD from ctx ez book

    I took apart a notebook that wasn't useable anymore to get the LCD screen out of it...Im a total newbie and I don't want to mess this up too bad so I had some questions.

    1. There is a silver sheet on the back of the lcd...anyone know what this does?

    2. I looked on the net for this lcd (sharp lm64c35p), I can't find much information on these. Can someone point me in the right direction.

    3. Would the lcd controller be inside the notebook case or attached to the lcd screen.

    thanks a bunch.
    if you need some pictures i can get those too.


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    This has all been discussed before, so use the search function for a more detailed description. The Laptop LCD will need a separate controller as they are built into the motherboard. This controller can cost upwards of $300 (ouch!) so check out for a rough guide. As far as I know, there is no way to get the controller off the laptop motherboard - I have a pc chips controller on a laptop which I can't use for this reason. If the metal sheet is on the laptop's plastic and not part of the actual screen module it could be insulation or grounding or something - I wouldn't really worry about it. Unless you can get hold of a rubble controller it probably isnt worth using your laptop screen. Bummer.
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