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no one likes Lilliput In-Dash except....

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  • no one likes Lilliput In-Dash except....

    ste_nova? I searched a lot and found that only ste_nova is the exceptional case. I can understand the fact that in these kind of forums only those ppl come forward who actually are facing some problems. Those satisfied don't bother to post.

    This is for all those guys who actually bought Lilliput In-Dash similar to this and are happy,

    Please come forward (if any) and help us in our decision to buy one.

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    I own that one, I bought it on eBay back in March or something like that. I have never posted my experience, so let me give some details...

    My thoughts are that it is mediocre and if I had to buy an in dash screen again, this wouldn't be it.

    Let me explain:
    1) Whenever it is a little cold it doesn't like to open. This is in the morning when it has been in the lower 50's F for the night. That is not by any definition COLD in my book.
    2) When it gets hot, the mechanical part turns itself off. This occurred in the summer almost daily to me. The screen was out already though and continued to be totally functional.
    3) The tuner sucks. It wouldn't even tune up to one of my stations (107.5)
    4) The video cable connector sucks. Sometimes the video will cut out and I have to wiggle the connection (Doesn't happen often though)
    5) The sound quality sucks. It is absolutely awful if you are trying to actually use it as a head unit. I stopped using it for that purpose after a few minutes.
    6) The screen doesn't come out far enough. You will read this from many other users too I'm sure. I mounted it farther forward than I should have to by modifying some stuff, but I should have had to.

    What do I like about it?
    1) The touch interface hasn't failed me yet and even if the video isn't working since I know where the buttons are on screen I can still push them.

    I think I'd rather get one of the non-mechanical ones now that I look back, but I'm going to keep this screen till it dies, I get a new car, or I decide to redo my entire audio system in my car.
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      Damn I almost pulled the trigger on this thing because of the fact it could run my factory Bose setup. I really don't want to have to rip out the entire audio system to run an amp. Is it really THAT bad? (Not using it for a tuner)
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        I tried to open it today and it wouldn't come out for the first 10 minutes of my commute. Today was the first day I had a frost on my windshield, but come on. This thing is supposed to be made for an automobile's dashboard and it doesn't like the 40's?!? Once again, once it comes out the screen works fine.
        "You're just about as useless as JPEGs to Helen Keller" - Wierd Al


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          I have had mine for about two weeks. I have yet to see a problem, but I probably don't use my computer as much as blafrisch. The reason why I bought it, is because I have the Eclipse cd4000 and in my Focus, I have a double din, there for I mounted both in the car, since I have really short drives in town and my town not being very big, it's easier for me to have a deck.

          But I have yet to have a problem with mine, but I haven't used it to it's full potential either, I was planning on putting a camera on and installing my PS2 this winter, so we'll see.

          The one thing I do have a problem wiht though, is if there is some way to program it to stay out? I know most in dash all in one units can be programed to stay out when the car is turned off, in stead of always going in and out, in and out, i would rather just have it out all the time and put it in when I need to.