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Xenarc 1040 doesn't like cold temps?

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  • Xenarc 1040 doesn't like cold temps?

    I have a Xenarc 1040TS, the one with the dark plastic case.... anyways its starting to act stupid on me... the display seems to work fine, all except for the touchscreen that is... the touchscreen portion when you first touch responds OK, however keep switching pages.... by the way I'm running Streetdeck.... and the places you touch become completely unresponsive!!!!! Has anyone else seen such problems... it all appeared to work fine until the outside temps began to fall into the freezing temps very recently here in the Chicago area.... I would have thought heat would cause a problem... but its the exact opposite.... I'm thinking about taking the Xenarc apart and trying to reseat all connectors and hoping for the best.... anyone pleas help......