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sharp LQ104V1DG11?

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  • sharp LQ104V1DG11?

    sharp LQ104V1DG11 what controller can i use for this like this

    Whats a good site for lcd controlers and inverters

  • #2 has got an absolute heap of info
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      I have the same screen

      Hey, i am going to receive this same screen also, so i've been collecting info on controller cards to work with it.

      I know that it works with allen's controller, i think it also works with the EPAP-200 (just have to figure out if ENAB (from LCD) is the same as DTMG (from card)), and in Dr Berghaus site there is a couple of cards that work with it, i already e-mailed the Portuguese distributor to know prices of the CRTtoLCD 1 controller card.

      For the inverter: from ERP power you can choose 4 different inverters.
      The E1950 that accepts 12VDC in but it has no dimmig control
      The E1955 that accepts 5VDC in and also doesn't have dimmig control
      The K1906 hat accepts 5VDC and has dimming control
      The K1918 that accepts 12VDC and has dimming control.
      You can also get the "officialy" recomend CXA-0217 from Miles Industrial Electronics i recommend the ones that have dimming control, this is a medium-high bright screen, and i don't wan't my car to look like a christmas tree at night, so i think that dimming control is a good option.

      Hope this helps


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        What controller are you going to use can you give me a direct link to purchase it. Please rply asap


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          Don't know yet, but the CRTtoLCD-1 is a good choice, don't forget the "extras"


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            What is eveything i need?


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              Ergpower needs a minimum of inverters per order (forget how much each..) I just ordered one from and got it pretty fast. The place is in England but it has a converter that displays the price in pounds or dollars before you finish your order.
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